Discontinued Degree Programmes/Curricula

Please note that the information provided on this website is for purposes of orientation only. Admission to the programmes listed on this website is no longer possible, and examinations can no longer be recognised for those particular programmes.

In case your degree programme/curriculum has been discontinued, but you'd like to continue your studies (e.g. after an interruption of studies), you may need to request for your previous examinations to be recognised for the updated and currently valid version of the programme and/or its curriculum. Please contact the SSC in this regard, the correct contact person for your request can be found here.

Master's programme in History and Philosophy of Science (2007)

This degree programme has been discontinued (cutoff date 30.11. 2015). Students who did not request a change of curriculum prior to the cutoff date have automatically been updated to the new curriculum by the Admission Office.

Please note that the discontinuation of this programme requires for all previous examinations (i.e. assessment results from courses/examinations taken while studying within the previous curriculum) to be recognised for the new programme and its curriculum. Fill in the request form for recognition of examinations (currently only available in German, see “Ansuchen um Anerkennung von Prüfungen” on the German version of this website) and hand it in at the SSC Philosophy.

If you require assistance or would like to discuss the recognition of examinations, please use the SSC contact form.

Doctoral programme (2002)

This degree programme has been discontinued (cutoff date 30.11.2017). Admission to this programme has been discontinued. Students who wish to continue their studies and were still enrolled in this programme and the corresponding curriculum at that point in time can resume their doctoral studies by re-enrolling in the current doctoral programme.