SSC Services for Lecturers & Course Instructors

  • In case of questions and/or requests regarding:
    • Room requests/reservations for events or courses,
    • contracts for lecturer/course instructors and tutor/ teaching assistants, or
    • general assistance (lecturers/course instructors and tutors/teaching assistants)
      please contact Anita Hermann* -- send us an e-mail to:
  • In case of questions concerning course certificates and grades/grading (entering grades into the University system), including grades/grading of bachelor's theses, please contact Carina Winkelmüller* -- send us an e-mail to:


If you have general question regarding teaching at the Univertsity of Vienna, please consult the University's Teaching Manual, which provides detailed information on all kinds of matters related to teaching, e.g. on planning and conducting courses and examinations, u:space for teachers, Moodle e-learning, the online course directory u:find, etc. (access via intranet of the University, University login required)


* For contact information, room number, and office hours see SSC Philosophie: Team