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Application & Admission

Applications for entry in the academic year 2022/23 is now closed. Candidates will be told whether or not their application has been successful by July.

The number of admitted students per academic year is limited. Admission follows a competitive selection procedure.

We evaluate applications based on

a) suitability of prior education as preparation for the course

b) academic merit, as indicated by the results obtained in university education to date, and

c) motivation and fit for the programme, as shown in the motivation questionnaire


The next application window will open in March, 2023. Subscribe to our Mailing List for the update.


   1. Admission Criteria

       • Philosophy

       • Economics

   2. Admission process

       2.1. Preparation of required documents

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1. Admission Criteria

In order to be considered for entry to the MA Philosophy and Economics, you need to provide evidence that by the time the MA starts, you will

  • hold a Bachelor’s degree (in any subject),
  • have completed at least 15 ECTS credits of philosophy, and 15 ECTS credits of economics courses.
  • These courses can be part of your BA programme (as part of your major subject, or done as a minor subject or elective), but can also be completed entirely separately.
  • While we consider applications where these credits are still in progress, your application will be the stronger the more of these credits are already completed by the time you apply. If you complete any of these courses after you have applied, please send us proof of completion as soon as possible, as this will strengthen your application.

  • You will also need a proof of English language proficiency corresponding to level B2 (CEFR), at the time of application.

• Philosophy Prerequisite  

Courses that could serve as a prerequisite in Philosophy (15 ECTS) are usually offered by the philosophy department of your home university. Particularly suitable are courses in

  • Ethics/Moral Philosophy,
  • Political philosophy, Philosophy of Rationality and Action, and
  • Philosophy of Science and Social Science, including Philosophy of Economics.

Strong applications tend to have at least one course on these topics.

Topic-based courses (such as general introductory courses like “Introduction to Moral Philosophy” or more focused courses like “Feminist epistemology”) give you better overview knowledge and are thus preferable to narrowly text-focused courses, such as “Kant’s Groundwork”).

Note on political philosophy: These courses are also sometimes offered by political science departments, under the heading “political theory” (or “Politische Theorie und Ideengeschichte”). These courses should consider either contemporary topics such as equality, freedom, democracy, and justice, or historical topics, e.g. the political philosophies of Plato, Hobbes, Rousseau, or Mill.


• Economics Prerequisite  

If you are looking for courses in Economics that fulfil the 15 ECTS criterion you want to focus on courses that touch upon the mathematical side of Economics. At least one of them should involve mathematical modelling. For a strong application we highly recommend that the courses you provide include at least two of the listed below:


Principles of Economics
Introductory Microeconomics
Introductory Macroeconomics
Introductory Game Theory

2. Admission Process


1. Preparation of required documents
2. Upload your documents
3. Update your application
4. Notification of Candidates
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