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What do economic models do, and to which extent do they help or mislead us in our understanding of economic reality and our framing of economic policy? How can we make decisions when we know too little about possible consequences, or our future values? Is economic inequality really increasing and, if so, is this unjust and a cause for concern?

This interdisciplinary two-year master's programme in Philosophy and Economics enables you to answer these pressing questions and to better understand, and ultimately shape the economy and our lives.

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Quick Facts

  • Standard Period of Study: 2 years / 4 semesters (full-time)
  • Application period: usually between March and April (see here)
  • Degree Programme Code: UA 066 642
  • Administrative coordinator: Boris Staykov
  • Academic director: Felix Pinkert

Quick Facts

Interview: Student Perspectives

Read our students' impressions of their experience studying MA Philosophy and Economics in Vienna here.

■ 5 Reasons to study P&E in Vienna
  1. Dedicated interdisciplinary curriculum from day one:

    Attend specifically designed interdisciplinary seminars in every semester of the programme.

  2. Interdisciplinary faculty:

    Learn from faculty from both departments, many of whom have specific interdisciplinary  backgrounds and research interests in the areas of philosophy and economics.

  3. Flexibility and optionality:

    Choose between multiple specialisations, design your own specialisation, and attend a wide range of optional classes in philosophy, economics, and other disciplines.






  1. Career opportunities:

    The city of Vienna hosts many international organisations (OSCE, one of the UN Headquarters and many UN agencies) and non-governmental organisations which are ideal places to start your career.

  2. Quality of life:

    Vienna consistently ranks as one of the most liveable cities in the world. The city offers a rich cultural life and historical heritage, as well as beautiful surroundings that are ideal for sport and recreation.

Students sitting and studying in the courtyard of the main building in summer.