Degree Programmes at the Department of Philosophy

In general, admission to (the majority of) degree programmes requires German language skills (level C1). However, some master's and doctoral programmes (or some of the courses offered by those particular programmes) can be studied in English language. I.e. the Department of Philosophy offers courses in English, the possibility to write a thesis in English language, and English thesis supervision for those particular programmes. Prospective English-speaking/international students (with no or limited German language skills, i.e. not level C1) may request admission to these programmes. In such cases, admission to a degree programme and specifics regarding admission requirements will be determined during the admission process.

The following degree programmes are entirely taught in English language:

  • Master's programme in Cognititve Science (Middle European interdisciplinary Master's programme in Cognitive Science, MEi:CogSci)
  • Master's programme in Philosophy and Economics

In principle, the following degree programmes are open to English-speaking/international students and are (partially) offered in English language and/or offer courses in English:

  • Master's programme in Philosophy
  • Master ́s programme in Ethics for Teachers and Professionals
  • Master's programme in History and Philosophy of Science (HPS)
  • Doctoral programme: Humanities, Philosophy, and Education

The following programmes are not entirely offered in English, i.e. primarily taught in German:

Admission to the following programmes strictly requires German language skills (level C1). However, courses taught in English may be open to Erasmus students.

  • Bachelor's programme in Philosophy (2017)
  • Bachelor of Education: Psychology and Philosophy (teacher education programme)
  • Master of Education: Psychology and Philosophy (teacher education programme)
  • Extension programme: Teaching Subject Psychology and Philosophy (teacher education programme)
  • Extension curricula (EC)
    • EC Aesthetics and Philosophy of Culture
    • EC Ethics
    • EC Philosophicum
    • EC History of Philosophy
    • EC Knowledge Creation

Studying at the Department of Philosophy - general information

  • Admission to degree programmes

Degree programmes may differ in regard to admission procedures and requirements. Please consult the "Admission" section of the respective degree programme for more detailed information.
General information concerning admission to the University of Vienna can be found at the website of the Admission Office .

  • Information for non-EU/EEA citizens

Students who hold a degree from a non-EU/EEA country may need to take additional steps during admission. Information on admission specifics, as well as language courses (i.e. German courses) can be found at the website for Teaching Affairs and Student Services.

  • Accessibility

The University of Vienna strives to meet accessibility requirements and offers support for people who experience mental or physical health issues, health conditions, impairments, or disabilities. More information regarding accessibility can be found at the website of the team for accessible studying at the University of Vienna.

  • Information for International/Erasmus students ("incomings")

If a degree programme (generally taught in either German or English) offers courses in English, then these courses may be open to Erasmus students. Please consult the website of the University of Vienna's International Office for further information regarding the possibilities to attend courses via Erasmus.
Information on the different types of courses offered at the Department of Philosophy can be found in the corresponding section on our website: Types of Courses.
Information on the course and examination registration system and how to register for courses/exams via u:space is provided in the section "Registration System".