Recognition of Examinations

This website provides information concerning the recognition of examinations at the Department of Philosophy.
For general information regarding the recognition of examinations, please consult the website for Teaching Affairs and Student Services. Further information regarding the specific criteria for the recognition of examinations can be found on the office of the “Studienpräses” website.


Allocating or assigning your course and examination results to the correct modules is an entirely different matter than officially having examinations recognised. Allocations can be done online in u:space (record of examination section, see video tutorial), if the course you’d like to allocate is appropriately coded for the module you’d like to select. The courses you take correspond to a certain module within the curriculum of your degree programme, i.e. a certain set of courses can be attended to complete a module, or a set of specific courses comprise a module. Thus, you can only allocate/assign courses to the modules they are associated with. Information regarding courses and the respective modules they are allocated to can be found in the course directory on u:find.

How do I request recognition of examinations?

Requesting recognition of examinations comprises two steps:

  1. Handing in the German form "Ansuchen um Anerkennung von Prüfungsleistungen" (En: Recognition of examination request form) at the SSC Philosophy
  2. Collecting the official notice regarding the recognitions at the SSC Philosophy

You need to fill in the request form for recognising examinations (currently only available in German: "Ansuchen um Anerkennung von Prüfungen", see below). Please fill it in electronically using a computer, but make sure to not electronically sign it – the recognition of examinations requires an original “wet ink” signature. Please enclose all relevant certificates and transcripts of records, if possible mark the examinations you’d like to have recognised.

Processing your request for recognition of examinations can take up to eight weeks.
You will be notified via e-mail by the SSC once the official notice for your recognitions is ready to be picked up. This e-mail will be sent to your U:Account e-mail address. Please be aware that you have to collect the official notice. The recognition of examinations becomes legally binding once you picked up the official notice.

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