Registration System

On this page you will find relevant information about the registration system for courses and exams.


Within the two registration phases, students can independently pre-register for places in the examination-immanent courses via u:space. As part of a process initiated by the SSC, the available places are allocated at the end of the respective registration phase. An overview of the registrations for your course can be found in u:space. General information on the registration procedure can be found here.

Late registration/waitinglist

  • Technical Problems

If students have technical problems registering but meet all the requirements to attend a course, they are encouraged to contact the SSC during the current registration periods. The SSC will assist these students with registration.

  • Waitlist

If a person is on the waiting list, teachers can re-register them themselves via u:space. To do so, click on the desired course in u:space, then click on the Registration System tab. To register a person from the waitlist, click on the blue plus to the right of the student's name. Please note that people on the waitlist should be re-registered for available seats in your course first. People who register outside the registration periods, for example by email, should not be given priority over those on the waiting list without serious reasons. If there are still free places and no one is on the waiting list, anyone who fulfills the curricular requirements and expresses interest in a free place in time at the beginning of the semester can and should be registered.

  • Extraordinary late registration

Registration for an exam-immanent course after the second registration phase is only possible in exceptional cases and will be handled by the SSC. If you agree to enroll students in your exam-immanent course who are not on the waiting list and meet all curricular requirements for participation, please contact the SSC. To do so, please send us a list containing the following information via the Service Desk:

  • LV number, title of the LV and semester information.
  • matriculation number and names of the students
  • Curriculum point (module) for which the registration should be made
  • Group exchange

If students who are already registered want to swap groups, please send us a list with the students and their swap partners.



Registration for lecture examinations

The registration deadline for lecture exams is exactly 72 hours before the exam.

Deregistration from the exam is still possible up to 24 hours before the exam.

An exception to this deadline is the STEOP exams, for which the registration period ends 7 days before

the exam! Deregistration is also possible in the case of StEOP exams up to 24 hours before the exam.

Please note that in the future the SSC will no longer carry out manual late registrations for exams after the registration deadline, i.e. from 72 hours before the exam.