Reassigning Credits

If one or more credits have been assigned to the wrong module in your degree program, they can be reassigned or moved to the correct point in the curriculum. 

General Information

Not every achievement that was incorrectly assigned in the u:space exam pass needs to be moved before submitting the examination pass for the end of your studies.

  • Please contact us if there are achievements that need to be moved in order to comply with a prerequisite chain. A prerequisite chain can be found, for example, in the BA Philosophy: Modules 1-3 are prerequisites for registering for courses from the higher modules. If courses from the prerequisite chain are assigned incorrectly, you will not be able to register correctly for other courses. In this case, it is necessary to reassign the incorrectly assigned course(s)
  • However, if the coursework is not part of a prerequisite chain (e.g. in MA Philosophy or in modules 4-17 of BA Philosophy), leave the incorrectly assigned coursework for the time being. At the end of your studies, when you fill out the graduation pass manually, assign the credits correctly yourself.

  • Please note: The information in the graduation pass must match the information in u:find! In order to keep an overview, it is advisable to keep your own handwritten examination pass from the beginning of your studies and to check the module assignment before registering for the course in u:space.

Conditions for the reassignment of credits:

The following conditions must be met for the transfer of credits: 

  • The credit must not be used in another degree program (the interest module is always excluded).
  • The credit must not have been obtained through a recognition process
  • The credit may only be transferred to those curriculum points for which the course is coded according to u:find.
  • The incorrect registration for course completion must not have been used to circumvent prerequisite chains according to your curriculum or sub-curriculum.

Transferring credits in the extension curriculum

Please always contact the SSC/SSS of the relevant subject if you wish to transfer credits to extension curricula (EC) of another study program, i.e. not SPL 18 Philosophy.

For example: "The World of English" -> English Studies; "Slavic Basic Competence" -> Slavic Studies etc.