Frequently Asked Questions

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Here you find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please read the information on this page carefully before contacting us directly. 



  • Who can supervise MA theses at the Institute of Philosophy?

    Please refer to the list of authorized supervisors and the topics they can supervise.

  • Who can act as a second examiner and chair the final MA examination?

    Only persons who are active staff members of the University of Vienna and have completed a doctoral degree in philosophy or are habilitated (titles that certainly indicate a habilitation) are eligible as second examiners: Priv.Doz. or Univ-Prof.)

    An internal lecturer with a doctorate is to be chosen as chair.

  • How do I register for my Master's examination?

    After successful approval (=positive assessment) of the Master's thesis, you can register your Master's examination.

    • To register for a Master's examination, send us the completed form via the Service Desk.
    • You have to coordinate the examination date with the first and second examiner and, during vacations, with the chair.
    • Your examination date must not be scheduled earlier than 14 days after the positive grading of your thesis.
  • What do I have to do to complete my studies?

    Detailed information on completing your studies can be found on our homepage on the respective subpages entitled "Degree" or "Degree and Master's thesis".

    Please make sure that the documents you send us are complete.



  • Can academic theses (MA theses, diploma theses) be recognized for another degree course?

    No, academic theses cannot be recognized. A separate thesis must be written for each degree program that requires an academic thesis.

  • Recognition Master Ethics

    Please pay attention to the Information and FAQs  on the recognition of credits and relevant prerequisites for the Master's in Ethics.

    Please note the information on the website and send us the application for recognition or the application for approval of relevant prior achievements via the Service Desk.

  • I would like to have credits from another degree program recognized for the Philosophy degree program.

    Please submit an application for recognition and send us all relevant documents to the Service Desk

    All information on submitting an application for recognition and the form can be found here.


    Please note: Extension curricula are an exception. In this case, only the SPL responsible for the EC can recognize the credits.

  • I would like to have credits from Philosophy recognized for another degree program.

    If you wish to have a course completed in Philosophy recognized for another degree program, please contact the SSC of the other degree program.

    Please note: Extension curricula are an exception. In this case, only the SPL responsible for the EC can recognize the credits.

  • I would like to use courses as EC for another degree program.

    If you want to use courses that you have already completed as part of your philosophy degree for the EC, please complete an application for recognition and enter the corresponding EC in the field “Should be recognized for the following degree” (e.g. EC Ethics).

    Please also make sure to register for the EC on u:space before submitting an application for recognition (Courses -> Extension curricula-> Register new EC). Send us the application for recognition via the servicedesk.

    All information on recognition and the form can be found here.

  • I would like to have courses recognized as an alternative extension.

    Please submit an application for recognition and enter “Alternative extension” in the “Should be recognized for the following degree course” field. Submit the application together with all relevant documents via the Servicedesk.

    Information on recognition can be found here.

    Information on the alternative extension can be found here.

  • Can I use a credit twice in the same degree program?

    No. It is not permitted to use a course for two curriculum credits within the same degree program. It is also not permitted to complete two courses with the same title and the same lecturer.

Registration System


  • How does the registration system of the University of Vienna work?

    Please refer to the page Registration System, where you will find general information as well as detailed instructions on registering for courses and exams.

  • When is the registration phase?

    Current information on the registration phases can be found under  Dates & Deadlines.

  • Registration for lectures

    You do not have to register for lectures via the registration phase of the courses with examinations, but register during the semester via the link in the entry on u:find. Registration gives you access to the Moodle learning platform. You must register for the lecture examination separately (from 2 weeks before the date).

    Registration is activated by the lecturers themselves as soon as the Moodle course is ready, usually by the first unit. If you are not able to register by then, please contact the lecturer. 

  • How long can I register/deregister for exams?
    • Registration: up to 72 hours before the exam
    • Deregistration: up to 24 hours before the exam
    • Please note: a 7-day deadline applies for the two STEOP courses, as these are major module examinations.

    If you have problems registering, please contact us in good time, within the registration deadline, via the servicedesk. Late registrations outside the registration period are not possible.

  • Questions about the points system

    All information on the points system can be found here.

  • There are technical problems with the registration.

    Please register yourself via u:find as far as you can and then send us a list of courses/exams (course title, course number). We can then activate your reservation manually.

    When registering for courses with continuous assessment, please assign points and make sure you select the correct curriculum item.

  • I registered for the wrong module.

    If you have registered a course for the wrong module, but the course is coded on u:find for the desired module and is not part of a prerequisite chain, please leave the course in the wrong module after completing it and enter it correctly when filling out the degree certificate, which you must submit at the end of your studies. Please note that credits can only be used for those modules for which they are coded on u:find (blue font) and not for those that are displayed on u:space! If you have registered for a module for which the course is not coded according to u:find, you cannot use the credit for this module.



  • Where can I find information about the doctorate at the University of Vienna in general?

    A comprehensive overview of the doctoral program at the University of Vienna can be found here.

  • Where can I find information about the doctoral program in Philosophy?

    You can find the most important information here.

  • Where can I find information on the curriculum of the doctoral program in Philosophy?

    You can find the curriculum here.

  • Where can I enrol for the doctoral program in Philosophy?

    You can find all information on admission here.

  • Who is authorized to supervise doctoral theses at the Institute of Philosophy?

    You can find a list of authorized supervisors here.

  • What funding is available from the University of Vienna for doctoral studies?
  • Where can I find general information about the FÖP?

    General information about the doctorate and the FÖP can be found here.

  • Where can I see the current FÖP dates?

    You can find all current FÖP dates here.

  • Can I listen to a FÖP?

    Yes, the FÖP is a public presentation at which all members of the faculty can listen. Please see the notice board for the date, time and location. 

  • Where can I register for the FÖP?

    To register for the FÖP, please submit all documents by the deadline at

    All important information about the FÖP at the Institute of Philosophy can be found here.


  • When do I have to complete the FÖP?

    According to the study law part of the statutes, doctoral students must present their exposé and have their topic and supervision approved by the end of the first year of study at the latest. A positively completed FÖP is a prerequisite for your dissertation agreement and for the further course of your doctoral studies.

  • What is the purpose of the progress report?

    Firstly, these reports document the progress of a dissertation project, which ensures for both doctoral candidates and supervisors that continuous, goal-oriented work on the dissertation project is taking place. Secondly, progress reports record changes that become necessary in the course of the dissertation studies and were not foreseeable at the time the dissertation agreement was concluded. Please submit your progress reports to the SSC at

  • How often do I have to submit progress reports?

    According to the statutes, students who have completed the FÖP and signed a dissertation agreement are required to write and submit a progress report at regular intervals, but at least once a year.

  • Where can I find the progress report form?

    The forms for progress reports, like all other forms, can be found on the website of the Doctoral Center.

  • Where can I find information on the dissertation agreement?

    All information and the form for the dissertation agreement can be found here.

    Please remember that you have to earn 24 ECTS points during your studies and therefore also have to agree them in your dissertation agreement.

  • Where can I find information on recognitions?

    You can use this form (german only) to apply for recognition of externally completed courses.

    Further information on recognition can be found here.

    Please submit your recognition for the doctorate via the servicedesk.

  • Where can I find information on cumulative dissertations?

    All important information on cumulative dissertations can be found here.

  • What do I need to consider before submitting my dissertation?

    Please check,

    • whether you have completed all services according to the DV or have had them recognized in the case of external services.
    • whether you have submitted your progress reports.
    • whether all registered supervisors are listed on your title page.
  • Which forms do I need to submit?

    You can find all the necessary forms here:

    Completion and public defense (

    A signed HOPLA upload confirmation is also required.

  • How many print copies must be submitted to the SSC?

    Three bound copies must be submitted to the SSC. Please note that the bound copies must not differ from the digital version on HOPLA.

  • Who decides on the assessment?

    The DSPL makes a preliminary decision as to which reviewers should be requested by the SSC. As soon as the SSC has two acceptances, these proposals are sent to the Office of the Dean of Studies. The dissertation will only be sent for review once the SSC has given its approval.

    Please make sure that only the SSC contacts the reviewers!

  • How long does the assessment process take?

    After the dissertation is submitted, reviewers have 4 months to write a review.

  • Where do I register for the Defensio?

    After you have made an appointment with the DSPL and your assessors, you can register for your defensio at least 2 weeks before the examination date using the servicedesk.

    You can find the necessary forms here.



  • Where can I find the necessary forms?

    All necessary forms for the doctorate can be found here.


Questions Regarding the Status of Your Request


  • Processing Deadlines

    The SSC Philosophy Team makes every effort to process your requests promptly. However, we ask for your patience should there be any delays. Before contacting us with questions about the status of your request, please note the deadlines prescribed by study law within which your request must be processed. If this deadline has already passed, please contact us via the Service Desk.

    Deadlines for the processing of applications stipulated by study law:

    • Recognitions: 2 months
    • Relevant prior achievements: 1 month
    • Transfer to the Current Curriculum: 3 months
    • Exam pass: 1 month
    • Examination pass: 1 month
    • Review period for Master's thesis: 2 months
    • Entry of grades: 1 month





  • Registration Deadlines For Examinations
    • Registration: up to 3 days before the exam
    • Deregistration: up to 24 hours before the exam
    • Exception: a 7-day deadline applies for the two STEOP courses, as these are major module examinations.

    If you have trouble registering for an exam, please contact us in a timely manner (within the registration period) using the Service Desk. Registrations outside of the registration period are not possible.

  • Questions about the Examination Procedure

    Please contact the responsible lecturer.

  • Questions Regarding the Supplementary Latin Exam

    Latin is a required supplementary examination for the BA Philosophy degree. The supplementary examination cannot be the last examination in your studies. You can find further information and useful links on the page Supplementary Latin Exam.

Registration Status


  • What does "pre-registered" ("vorgemerkt") mean?

    The status "pre-registered" means that you have registered for the course. However, due to the limited number of participants, it is not yet confirmed whether you will actually get a fixed place. Places are only allocated to students after the end of the registration period (= allocation run) - the status changes to "registered" or "waiting list".

  • What does "created" ("angelegt") mean?

    The status "created" appears in u:space if the registration for a course is still incomplete. This may be the case if not all steps of the registration have been completed or if, for example, certain requirements for the registration have not been met.

    Important: Data records in this status are not taken into account during the allocation!

  • What does "in process" ("In Bearbeitung") mean?

    The registration period has expired and the allocation of places or your record is being processed. This can take several hours. During this period you cannot make any changes.

  • What does "on waiting list" ("auf Warteliste") mean?

    You have not been assigned a place on the course. If other students deregister, you might be able to move up the list and get a free place.

    • If you are on the waiting list, please attend the first unit of the course as there may be free places.
    • Students who only receive a waiting list place for a course will be credited with the points they have earned in the following semester for registering for courses under the same curriculum point.
  • What does "registered" ("angemeldet") mean?

    You have successfully registered for the course.

  • What does "Alternative place received" ("Alternative erhalten") mean?

    The status "Alternative place received" means that although you have not been allocated a place in the course (LV) of your choice, you can take part in an alternative course for the curriculum point. The course registration has been completed.

    Please do not forget to deregister if necessary. If you do not, you will have to be assessed in the course and group for which you were registered (relevant for pi courses).

Student Consultation


  • I would like some advice.

    If you would like personal advice, you can come to the consultation hours that best suit your needs. You can find the consultation hours here.

Reassigning Credits / Examination Pass


  • U:space Exam pass/ U:find

    Please note that only the information in the course catalog (U:Find) is binding. The possibility of registering for a module in U:Space does not guarantee that the course is actually coded for this module. If you have completed a course and subsequently realize that it is not coded for your degree program or not for the desired curriculum point, please check whether you can use the coursework for something else (e.g. another module). Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to reassign courses contrary to the assignments given in the course catalog. 

  • I would like to reassign credits to other modules
    • Please contact us if there are courses that need to be transferred in order to comply with a prerequisite chain. A prerequisite chain can be found, for example, in the BA Philosophy: Modules 1-3 are prerequisites for registering for courses from the higher modules. If courses are assigned incorrectly, you will not be able to register correctly for other courses. In this case, it is necessary to reassign the incorrectly assigned course(s).
    • If you need to reassign credits that are not part of a prerequisite chain (e.g. in MA Philosophy or in modules 4-17 in BA Philosophy), leave the incorrectly assigned credit for the time being. At the end of your studies, when you fill out the degree certificate manually, assign the credits correctly yourself. Please note: The information in the degree certificate must match the information in u:find! 

Transfer to the Current Curriculum


  • When do I need to transfer to a new curriculum?

    Comprehensive information regarding transfer to a new curriculum can be found here.

Admission/Closing of Studies


  • Questions regarding admission, the u:card or tuition fees.

    For general questions regarding admission, the u:card or tuition fees, please contact the Student Services and Teaching team:

  • Additional requirements for admission to Master's degree

    If you would like to be admitted to a Master's degree program at the Department of Philosophy, you may have to complete prerequisites for admission, depending on your previous studies, and after admission you may have to complete requirements amounting to a maximum of 30 ECTS during the course of your studies. If you are studying the same subject (BA Philosophy), admission is granted on a daily basis via u:space. You do not have to fulfill any further requirements. If you are interested in the Master's degree program in Philosophy, you can find further information in the Master Access Guide.

    For general questions about admission or the processing status of your application, please contact the Student Services and Teaching team:

  • I would like to close my studies.

    If you would like to complete your studies, please contact the Student Services and Teaching team: