Writing Mentoring for Philosophy Students

The ability to write high-quality philosophical texts is one of the most important skills a philosopher can have. That's why it's worth developing this skill as far and as early as possible.

Writing mentoring is completely free of charge and supports you in understanding texts, finding questions for papers, creating your first drafts, overcoming writer's block and much more. Philosophy students of any semester are welcome!

Who is writing mentoring suitable for?

For everyone, of course! Steop students can especially benefit from our first segment "Reading Philosophical Texts", where we discuss how to approach philosophical texts in the first place. Students of all semesters can consciously deal with the writing of various texts with us - from summaries to seminar papers to bachelor theses, we are happy to support you.

What is discussed?

In each session, trained writing mentors will help you plan your writing project, research the literature, write your first rough draft or revise it. To do this, we rely on a mixture of input from the writing mentors on weekly changing focal points and the opportunity to ask specific questions about the design of your work.

Together, we discuss problems of any nature which arise during writing, as well as how we can combat them. We learn reading and writing techniques and we exchange strategies for time management and motivation. You can bring your texts and questions to every session - it does not matter whether it is a summary, a seminar paper or a bachelor's thesis - we are happy to help you approach all difficulties!

Where, when and what?

The Writing mentoring in WiSe2023 takes place every Monday from 11:30-13:00 in seminar room 1 (S1), NIG 2nd floor.