Transfer to the Current Curriculum

On this webage you will find important information regarding the Transfer to the Current Curriculum in the Institute for Philosophy.

General Information

The “transfer to the current curriculum” is the transfer from one curriculum version (curriculum) to a newer version of the same degree program. There are three cases in which you may be transferred to a new curriculum:

  • The curriculum in which you are studying or were studying (for example, before an interruption) has expired.
  • An amended curriculum has been introduced for your degree program and you would like to complete your studies in the new curriculum.
  • If you re-enrol after an interruption (not a leave of absence) to your studies. In this case, you do not need to submit a notification of transfer, but only the transfer form for the transfer of credits including a transcript of records.

There is currently the possibility or requirement of transfer to the current curriculum in the following studies:

Master's History and Philosophy of Science (2013) in the MA Epistemologies of Science and Technology (EST)

This study plan expires on 31.10.2024. If necessary, it may be helpful for your study progress to be placed directly under the new curriculum. Students who were subject to the Master's curriculum in Philosophy of Science and History of Science (HPS) at the time this curriculum came into force are entitled to complete their studies by October 31, 2024 at the latest.

Information on the transfer process

The transfer to the new curriculum takes place in two steps.

Step 1: Transfer to the new curriculum

You send us a request for transfer to the current curriculum via the Service Desk. The SSC sends the notification to the Admissions Office. You will be informed as soon as the transfer has taken place.

Note: Step 1 is currently only required for the switch from HPS to EST.

Step 2: Transfer of the credits from the previous curriculum into the new curriculum

After you have formally switched to the new curriculum, your previous achievements must now be transferred into the new curriculum in accordance with the ordinance.

Once the Admissions Office has notified your u:account that you have been transferred to the new curriculum, you can apply for a transfer of credits. To do so, please complete the transfer form for the recognition of credits in full and send it to the Service Desk together with the required documents enclosed.

Attach all required enclosures to your application (e.g. certificates of recognition, if recognized benefits are included in the transfer form).  Fully completed, originally signed and complete (=including all enclosures) applications guarantee a short processing time. A complete application consists of fully completed transfer form for the transfer of credits (incl. marking of currently attended courses with a highlighter).

If credits have been recognized, also the corresponding certificates of recognition.

Attach or print out of the e-mail from the Admissions Office regarding curriculum substitution.

The legal deadline for processing your application is 12 weeks. The SSC will notify you by email when your application has been placed under review.  For further information, please refer to the information sheet "Information & checklist for subordination under a new curriculum" or contact us via the Service Desk.

For further information, go to "Information & Checkliste für Unterstellungen unter ein neues Curriculum" or contact us via the Servicedesk.

Studies in which transfer to the current curriculum can currently be carried out:

Studies in which transfer to the current curriculum (step 1) can currently be carried out:

MA HPS (2013) to the new version, the MA EST (2022)

If you have been automatically transferred to the new version of a degree program (e.g. Diplom PP to BED PP or BA PHil 2011 to BA Phil 2017) because you did not apply for transfer within the deadline, it is possible that your credits were not transferred to the new curriculum. In this case, you must submit an application for recognition in accordance with the regulation.

Even if, in your case, it was not necessary to transfer to the new curriculum because you are changing to a degree program that is not the continuation of your old degree program, there may be a recognition regulation for this change. These regulations help to simplify recognition processes for changes of degree program.

Such a regulation exists for the following degree programs:

Degree programs in which recognition can currently be carried out in accordance with the ordinance (step 2):

  • MA Interdisciplinary Ethics in the BED UF Ethics
  • BED PP in the BED Ethics
  • BA Philosophy Version 2011 in BA Philosophy Version 2017
  • Diploma program PP in the BED PP

 Form for Requesting Transfer to the Current Curriculum

 Forms for Recognitions According to Regulations