Advertisement of external teaching positions 2024/25

For the 2024-5 academic year, the study programme director is advertising the teaching positions listed in the advertisment, available for download below. To apply, please submit your application via the form below by 4/14/2024.

The following application materials are required (Please send them in as one PDF-Document):

  • Cover letter indicating which teaching position you wish to apply for.
  • CV
  • Description of the course

The CV should indicate that you are qualified for the teaching position. If you do not have a doctorate in philosophy (e.g., if you are a doctoral student), explain in the cover letter why you are qualified to teach the course in question.

The programme director will make every effort to notify candidates of the status of their application in a timely manner, approximately four weeks after the closing date for applications.

If you wish to apply for multiple positions, please submit applications individually using the form.


In order to make the process as transparent as possible, we would like to point out that minor changes were made to the advertisement on 22/03/24. 

The number of courses required for positions A11, A42 and A25 was reduced from two to one. 

The position A37 has been cancelled from the advertisement. 

A note has been added to positions A27-A30. Due to an ongoing curricular reform, it is currently not possible to provide reliable information on the demand or the form of the courses in the EC Philosophicum. Applicants will be informed of any changes as soon as possible. 

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