Master of Education: Psychology and Philosophy (teacher education programme)

This website provides a short overview of the Master's programme in Psychology and Philosophy, which represents a teacher education programme for the teaching subject "Psychology and Philosophy". Currently, this degree programme is primarily taught in German and admission to the programme requires German language skills (level C1). Please consult the German version of this website for more detailed information.

Programme objectives, learning goals, and prospective careers

The Master’s teacher education programme for the teaching subject Psychology and Philosophy offers teacher candidates the possibility to further their studies in the areas of both psychology and philosophy. The programme allows students to deepen their knowledge and academic, as well as didactic skills with a stronger focus on scientific methodology and practical applications to teaching. Students can choose to specialise in either subject-specific or didactic competencies.

Besides the abilities of scientific writing and applying scientific methodologies, graduates are able to competently design, plan, and evaluate didactics for the teaching subject Psychology and Philosophy in theory and practice.

General Information

  • Degree programme code: UA 199 425 XXX 02
    Degree programme code: UA 196 060 XXX
  • Programme duration: 4 semesters (full-time)
  • ECTS: 120 ECTS
  • Degree: Master of Education (MEd)

Partial programme curriculum