Public Presentations at the Faculty and Public Defence

On this page you will find information about the presentations and defensiones in the doctoral programme. Current dates for the FÖP can be found here.

Registering for the public presentation at the faculty ("FÖP")

Doctoral candidates who mean to present their doctoral research in the field of philosophy or cognitive science can register for the "FÖP" at the SSC Philosophy.
Candidates planning to conduct their doctoral research in the field of education or Islamic religious education have to register via the SSC Education.

The following forms have to be handed in at the SSC:

  • The form for requesting registration of the topic of the doctoral thesis and the supervisor  (SL/D11)
  • Form concerning regulations relating to good scientific practice (SL/W1)
  • If applicable: the form for approval of financial support of the doctoral thesis project (SL/W4 - has to be signed by the head of the corresponding organisational unit)
  • A research proposal (exposé): max. 10–15 DIN A4 pages (font size: 12pt., line spacing: 1.5) - proposals not meeting formal requirements will invariably be rejected

Information on public presentations at the faculty ("FÖP")

Formal requirements of public presentations: