Graduation and Master's Thesis

Before you start working on your thesis, the Directorate of Studies must approve your topic choice and supervisor.

Please note that a thesis topic should be chosen in a way that allows for completion of the thesis within six months time.

The following groups of people qualify for thesis supervision:

  • University professors: supervision and assessment
  • Habilitated university staff: supervision and assessment
  • Associated university professors: supervision and assessment
  • Tenure Track associated professors and/or assistant professors: dependent on qualification agreement – please contact the SSC Philosophy
  • Members of the academic university staff holding a doctoral degree/PhD: in case of master's theses funded by the European Research Council excellence funds, the START or Wittgenstein award, or the WWTF's "Junior GroupLeader" fund

Supervision by university-external experts or academic university staff holding a doctoral degree/PhD may be granted in special cases.

Please consult the German version of this website for more detailed information.