Help & Tips

Do you have questions on how to write your thesis or regarding formal criteria? Information is provided in the section Academic Honesty and Integrity.

Step 2: Handing in your completion record

Please open the completion record form in Adobe Acrobat reader and fill in all information required on your computer, but make sure to not digitally sign it – the completion record form can only be accepted with an original wet ink signature.
You can contact the SSC if you require assistance with the completion record form.


In case your completion record form contains examinations that have been officially recognised by the University of Vienna, please fill in the date of the recognition for the examination date, and the notice “recognised” for course number and instructor.

The following documents have to be handed in at the SSC during office hours:

  • Filled in and signed completion record form
  • A current transcript of records
  • Official notices regarding the recognition of examinations, if applicable
  • Notice regarding additional ECTS to be acquired during the course of studies, if applicabe