Supplementary Latin Exam

Latin is required as an additional qualification for some degree courses, including the Bachelor of Philosophy. The supplementary Latin examination is not required if you have successfully completed at least ten hours of Latin per week at a secondary school. You can prove this to the Admission Office with your school reports when you are admitted in person. If you do not have any proof, you will be required to take the additional examination upon admission. This is noted on your study record sheet. 

You can take the supplementary examination during your studies via the courses offered by the Institute for Classical Philology, Middle and Modern Latin. All information provided by the University of Vienna on supplementary examinations in Latin can be found on the website of the StudiesServiceCenter of the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies or on the website “Studying at the University of Vienna” under “Additional Exams”.

Further Information

  • The supplementary examination in Latin is a federal prerequisite for the study program.
  • The supplementary examination must be taken before completing the last part of the Bachelor's degree program (this can be the Bachelor's thesis, an examination, an examination-immanent course, recognition or performance of an extension curriculum) (see § 4 (1) of the Federal Law Regulation), i.e. the supplementary examination must not be the last examination.
  • SSC Philosophy or SPL 18 cannot give you any information about the examination or the registration of the examination achievements. For information about the examination, please contact the SSC Phil.-Kult. For information about the recognition of Latin courses in your school years, please contact the Admission Office.
  • Students in the teaching degree or Master's programs do NOT have to provide proof of a supplementary examination.