StEOP-Mentoring For Beginners in BA Philosophy & BEd Ethics

Studying is more fun when you connect with people and do not feel alone in your studies. Therefore we are inviting you to participate in the StEOP Mentoring for the beginning of your Philosophy and/or BEd Ethics.

Who is the STEOP mentoring for?

STEOP mentoring is an additional support service offered by the Institute of Philosophy specifically for students in their first semester and/or at the beginning of their studies who are in the introductory and orientation phase and are preparing for the relevant examinations.

What is covered?

You will be offered initial orientation in your studies and the opportunity to get to know fellow students in an informal setting. Your mentors are themselves philosophy students from higher semesters and can therefore share their experiences with you, share tips and tricks about university life with you and create a protected environment for your questions.

  • Information and experiences relating to the StEOP exams will be shared explicitly, but also with a focus on other exams in the degree program.
  • Successful study techniques and work strategies will be discussed and how to best prepare for exams with large amounts of material. 
  • It also discusses how to plan your studies.
  • Above all, however, a framework is created for an informal exchange of ideas.

Where, when and what?

The StEOP mentoring takes place weekly in the WS 23/24 on MO, 11:30-13:00 in HS 3F, third floor, NIG. You can drop by at any time without registration!