Extension Curriculum

In almost all Bachelor degree programs it is necessary to complete an extension curriculum (EC), in addition to mandatory and elective courses. An EC consists of a fixed group of courses offered by another department and serves the purpose of interdisciplinary specialization. However, it is also possible to complete alternative extensions (AE) instead of an EC.

Extension-curriculum (EC)

The BA Philosophy includes 15 ECTS for the completion of an EC. In order to complete an EC, you have to register for it through u:space. Registration for the individual courses of an EC can be conducted after successful completion of the STEOP. 

Here you can find a list of all extension curricula offered by the University of Vienna. 

Alternative extension (AE)

It is possible to complete alternative extensions instead of choosing an EC. Alternative extensions are any courses offered in the BA Philosophy and even courses from other departments. These courses have to amount to 15 ECTS in total. It is not necessary to register alternative extensions apart from the basic registration for the individual courses and exams. 

Extension curricula for students from other departments

We currently offer five different extension curricula for students from other departments, each totalling 15 ECTS. All information regarding this can be found here.