STEOP and start of studies

The abbreviation STEOP stands for "Studieneingangs- und Orientierungsphase", which translates to entry and orientation phase of studies. Almost all Bachelor and Diploma programmes at the University of Vienna have such an entry and orientation phase. Its purpose is to introduce you to the degree programme, giving you the opportunity to make an informed decision about whether or not it fits your excpectations and to see if you are able to meet its requirements.

In order to take any further courses and exams, you need to have successfully completed all exams of the STEOP. The exam dates for the STEOP are organized such that students are able to continue their studies in the following semester without interruption. 

STEOP Bachelor Philosophy

In the BA Philosophy the STEOP consists of two lectures:

  • STEOP Introduction to practical Philosophy
  • STEOP Introduction to theoretical Philosophy

Before completing the STEOP you are unable to register for other exams or courses with continous assessment (seminars). However, it is possible to attend certain lectures simultaneously with the STEOP and take exams for these additional lectures after successful completion of the STEOP. 

Registration System

Although you don't have to register for the STEOP lectures themselves, because they are not courses with continous assessment, registration through u:space is necessary for taking the exams.

Moreover, in order to get access to the Moodle-page of each lecture, where important information and study material will be shared, you do need to register for the lecture through u:space. 

More information regarding registrations can be found under registration system.