Programme objectives, learning goals, and prospective careers


The Master’s programme in Philosophy provides students with the opportunity to continue their bachelor’s studies and furthers philosophical competencies, skills, and knowledge gained during the bachelor’s degree programme.
Philosophical research conducted at the Department of Philosophy is wide-ranging and covers a variety of subjects. Thus, the master's programme too offers a broad range of philosophical traditions and fields of research, as well as different specialisations students can choose to focus on during their studies.
Furthermore, this programme means to foster critical trans-disciplinary thinking in the context of science, society, and culture, and is concerned with the role of philosophy as a discipline in relation to other scientific disciplines from the humanities, arts, and natural sciences.

The Master’s programme in Philosophy provides a solid basis for further doctoral/PhD studies in case students wish to pursue an academic career. Moreover, the master’s programme equips students with philosophical competencies which may be of value in other prospective contexts of work or further education, including the areas of culture, politics, and economics.