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  • Are the 15 ECTS in each philosophy and economics required upon application?

    It is optimal for your application to have the qualifying credits in philosophy and/or economics at the time of application. However, you can apply with one or two courses still in progress and this will not significantly affect your chances of applicaion. 

    Note that since the ECTS in Philosohy and Economics are an entry prerequisite it is not possible to complete them after admission or during the programme!


  • Can I apply for the programme if my Bachelor's degree is not in Philosophy or Economics?

    Yes, the programme is open to students of various academic backgrounds. The only mandatory requirement is basic knowledge of the subject areas of philosophy and economics comprising at least 15 ECTS credits each (= qualitative admission requirements).

  • Which career paths do P&E graduates generally tend to follow?

    Please see here.

  • Is there an ideal age profile for the pool of applicants?

    No, there is no ideal age profile. The candidate selection is based on academic background and motivation.

  • How many applications do you typically receive? How many spaces do you offer?

    We received 130 applications in the last academic year and a similar number the year before. We offer 30 spaces.

  • Would a reference letter be considered as a plus in the application process?

    No, we disregard reference letters. It is difficult for candidates from some places to get reference letters, so asking for some would run against our attempts to give equal chances to all. The motivation questionnaire allows you to optionally disclosure any special circumstances that affected your previous academic achievements, like a reference letter would.

  • Are there any options for grants or scholarships for international students?

    Funding opportunities depend on your nationality and what funds your own countries provide. The university of Vienna itself does not offer funds. You can find all information on tuition or students' union fee here. There are also opportunities to apply as student assistants to professors at the university.

  • Would it be possible to interrupt the programme for one semester for example to do an internship?

    Yes, you are not required to complete their degree programme within a certain amount of time or at a certain speed. However, we advise you to talk to us if you have any particular plan, and there will be extra tuition fees from the 7th semester. Please see here for further information.

    If you do an internship, there is the option of obtaining a leave of absence for the semester. More information you can find here.

  • Does the P&E master qualify for a PhD?

    The important factor is the fit between your specific PhD topic and your master’s studies. The MA P&E is thus an excellent preparation for PhD in Philosophy that has a clear connection to Economics.

    For a PhD only in Economics, you should follow a Research Master's in Economics. 

  • Are there any German language requirements for entering P&E?

    No, the P&E programme is held in English. But if you speak German, you have an even wider range of optional courses that are offered by other study programmes available to you.

  • Is there the opportunity to go abroad? (e.g., in the Erasmus-programme)

    Yes, the 3rd semester of the programme is the most flexible semester if students plan to go aboard. Our students can choose all exchange programmes available in the philosophy department and we also have an exchange programme with the P&E programme of the University of Rotterdam. P&E students who do an exchange programme of the philosophy department are regarded as philosophy visiting students and can also get permissions in doing the courses of the economic department at the destined university.

  • After the application process ends, when will we be notified if we have been accepted or not?

    Applicants will be notified of their application results at the end of June.

  • Are there any application costs? Or tuition fees?

    There is no application cost. You can see here for information about the tuition / student's union subscription.

  • Are there any official translators approved by the University regarding translations of degree documentation into English translations? If not, what are the requirements for a translator's work to be accepted by the University?

    You can find the information here.

  • Can I study Philosophy & Economics part-time / Is the programme compatible with working a full-time or part-time job?

    Philosophy & Economics is intended as a full-time programme but may be studied on a part-time basis. Working while studying the programme is possible in general but may pose challenges depending on the flexibility and number of working hours. As a programme dedicated to a small and select number of students, we offer many specifically designed courses on a yearly basis. While this is a major strength of the programme, it also entails less flexibility in course selection than other philosophy degrees at the University of Vienna, especially at the beginning of the programme.

    In the first semester, students take compensatory courses in the foundations of the discipline(s) they are less familiar with to prepare for more advanced courses in both fields. These courses in particular are crucial to complete during the first semester but the assigned mandatory workload may vary (from 5 to 22 ECTS credits) depending on your prior academic background. Following semesters then tend to allow for more flexible course selection and specialisation. However, depending on the  number of working hours, working students will likely not be able to study the programme full-time and will therefore take longer than the intended minimum study duration of two years.

    In general, we welcome applicants who intend to study the programme part-time and especially working prospective students, as long as they are aware of these caveats.

  • I have not finished my BA yet. How can I do the online pre-registration in U:Space?

    If you are currently finishing your BA and have already completed at least 150 ECTS credits, you can upload your transcript of records instead of your BA certificate.

  • How can I provide proof of my English proficiency?

    Please see here.

  • What are the admission criteria?

    Applicants will be assessed individually for their suitability based on motivation, general academic merit and their suitability regarding prior education. Please note that the qualitative admission requirements of at least 15 ECTS credits prior knowledge in each discipline are a legal requirement. Admission without any prior knowledge in philosophy or economics is not possible.



  • How can I finance my studies in Vienna?

    Please refer to our overview concerning fees and funding opportunities under:

  • Do you offer deferred entry?

    No, we cannot offer deferred entry. Prospective students can apply each year, usually between March and April and, if admitted, are expected to begin their studies within the same academic year. Please see the latest info here.

  • Do you offer distance learning opportunities?

    No, unfortunately we cannot offer distance learning access. The courses designed for the programme require compulsory attendance and are only open for the limited number of admitted applicants.