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Fees & Funding


Please find all information about the tuition and students' union subscription on this page.

Funding and Financial Aid

In addition to the tuition fee/Students' Union fee, you will have to cover other costs as well, for your living expenses (accommodation, food, mobility, etc.) and study-related expenses (books, writing material, etc.). The University's International Office provides cost of living estimates

Austria offers needs-based financial aid in the form of study grants, depending on the financial situation of students' families. The Study Grant Authority is responsible for any type of information, applications, appeals and intervention regarding questions concerning study grants, study allowances, transport cost allowance, grants upon completion of studies, insurance cost subsidies, mobility grant and grants for study abroad. Since the available support depends on your individual situation, you should always contact the Study Grant Authority for more information. You can also consult the Austrian Student Ombudsman (in German).  

You can also search for further study grants. (The master's programme for P&E might not have been added yet)

Additionally, there are also some student discounts available.

Studying in Vienna

For more information regarding studying and living in Vienna, have a look at these information websites.


If these pages do not have an answer to your question, then there are several places you can turn to with your question:

Austrian Students' Union (ÖH)

Student Representatives of Philosophy

Austrian Student Ombudsman

Study Grant Authority  (consultation only available in german)