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Programme Structure

Second semester: Interdisciplinary foundations

In the second semester, you will study core topics of the three subject areas of philosophy and economics - Philosophy, History, and Methodology of Economics; Rationality and Decision; and Ethics, Welfare, and Justice. For each of the subject areas, you will attend one class offered by the philosophy department and one class offered by the economics department. The specific classes can vary between years, and will be listed in the online course directory.

You will also attend an interdisciplinary research seminar in which you will study selected topics at the intersection of philosophy and economics in more detail. Where possible, these seminars will be jointly taught by a member of the philosophy department and a member of the economics department.

At the end of semester two, you will have a firm grasp of core topics of all three subject areas of philosophy and economics, as well as more advanced knowledge of selected topics and methods of interdisciplinary research.



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