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Programme Structure

Third semester: Interdisciplinary specialisation and electives

In the third semester, you will address specific interdisciplinary core topics in depth, and thereby also explore potential topics for your master thesis. You are free to follow interdisciplinary specialisation modules in all or any of the three subject areas of philosophy of economics, or to develop your own independent interdisciplinary specialisation. You can also freely choose elective classes from across a wide range of eligible course offerings of the University of Vienna, from philosophy, economics, and other disciplines. 

The modules that cover the subject areas of philosophy and economics consist of two to three courses, where at least one course is offered by the philosophy department, and one course by the economics department. As in semester two, the specific classes can vary between years, and will be listed in the online course directory.

In an independent specialisation, you select courses from at least two departments (which may, but need not be, philosophy and economics) which together help you investigate a philosophy and economics related question from an interdisciplinary perspective. Your selection of classes must be approved by the course director.

Electives can be freely chosen from a wide range of available courses across different departments.

At the end of this semester, you have in-depth interdisciplinary knowledge of selected topics in philosophy and economics, and are prepared to start you own independent interdisciplinary research in semester four.

If you plan to take part in the Erasmus programme, we highly recommend to do it in this semester, which affords the highest degree of flexibility.



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