About MEi:CogSci Vienna

MEi:CogSci (Middle European interdisciplinary master’s programme in Cognitive Science) is a research-based joint master’s programme with a strong focus on project and team work. Offering a plurality of different learning settings, MEi:CogSci aims to engage students in interdisciplinary discourse and different (scientific) cultures.

Cognitive Science

The MEi:CogSci programme in Vienna provides students from different academic backgrounds the opportunity to acquire and expand their knowledge and understanding of fundamental concepts and methods in the core disciplines of Cognitive Science (including Anthropology, Artificial Intelligence, Biology, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Psychology). On the one hand, the programme offers training in basic and advanced disciplinary and methodological courses. On the other, MEi:CogSci allows students to investigate a cognitive phenomenon of their interest from different perspectives, thereby gaining expertise in theories and methods from multiple disciplines. In general, MEi:CogSci Vienna is marked by a vibrant learning and research environment with collaborations across universities and institutions in and around Vienna.

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Interdisciplinarity, collaboration and reflection lie at the heart of the programme. Especially the MEi:CogSci’s interdisciplinary approach challenges students to look at taught concepts and phenomena from different perspectives. Students are encouraged to bring in their own background and to engage critically with theories and materials used in class. The programme’s early focus on collaboration in an interdisciplinary and intercultural learning environment enables students to engage in interdisciplinary discourse and research. With English as the primary language of instruction, the programme aims to be inclusive to students from across the globe. From the start, students work and study in interdisciplinary and intercultural student teams, work that continues in interdisciplinary research teams in later semesters. The programme combines traditional teaching formats with alternative formats such as problem-based learning. Courses in research methods in Cognitive Science complement the programme’s training.

Qualifications and Job Possibilities

MEi:CogSci graduates are well-equipped to pursue an academic career (PhD programme) in Cognitive Science and related disciplines. Apart from basic research, previous graduates increasingly work in applied research and the private sector. Depending on the direction of specialisation, prospective career fields include the IT-sector, education, biomedical and clinical research, as well as economics. Overall, the MEi:CogSci programme fosters general skills such as teamwork, communication, reflection and evaluation skills, quick learning ability and adaptability. Taken together, this qualifies MEi:CogSci graduates for work in a wide variety of areas and at various intersections between disciplines and professional fields. This includes the IT and education sectors, as well as consulting, human resources development and science journalism among a host of others.




MEi:CogSci programme located at the Faculty of Philosophy and Education, Department of Philosophy. To allow for a broad interdisciplinary perspective (including disciplinary perspectives which are not part of mainstream cognitive science research), the programm draws on courses and resources from different faculties, universities and non-university research institutions.

In the spirit, MEi:CogSci Vienna maintains collaborations with: