Admission to MEi:CogSci

Info Meeting:

We will offer an Information Meeting for MEi:CogSci 2024 applicants taking place online (via Zoom) on

Friday March 22, 2024,  9:30 CET




The MEi:CogSci master's programme at the University of Vienna requires a special admission procedure.

You can find detailed information about your steps in the admission procedure on the website:
Studying at the University of Vienna

Please take note of the application and admission period. Our advice: Submit your application at the beginning of the application period. 


After the formal check by the admission office, the MEi:CogSci admission committee will receive the applications for qualification assessment and nomination of candidates.

After the application deadline

Evaluation Procedure and Evaluation Criteria

The MEi:CogSci admission committee will assess your qualification.

The admission committee consists of:

  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ansorge
  • Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Thomas Bugnyar
  • Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Franz-Markus Peschl
  • Mag. Dr. Sabine Tebbich, Privatdoz.

Candidates are chosen based on their letter of motivation (your motivation to study cognitive science and your research question) and the discipline of their bachelor's degree. As the didactic design of the curriculum requires an equal distribution of representatives of the core disciplines of cognitive science, rankings will be made for these different areas: (1) natural sciences, (2) humanities, (3) formal sciences, (4) social sciences, (5) cognitive science. The five highest ranked students from each area will be admitted.

Candidates will be nominated by 30 June latest. An official email will be sent to you by the admission office. 

For any question related to the admission procedure, qualification, assessment, etc. please contact (not the members of the admission commission)

Finish Admission at the University of Vienna & Co-register at the Medical University of Vienna

Register at the University of Vienna

After receiving your notification of admission, you can finish admission at the admission office of the University of Vienna.

Important deadline: 30 September

It is important to finish personal admission by 30 September! Otherwise, you won't be able to enrol for the required courses.

Co-register at the Medical University of Vienna (MUW)

After you have been admitted to the MEi:CogSci programme at the University of Vienna you need to co-register at MUW. The form "application for co-registration" needs to be approved by the MEi:CogSci coordinators.

Important Note

Please be aware that you have to prolong your co-registration at MUW every semester.

Welcome Guide University of Vienna

Please find general information about studying at the University of Vienna in the Welcome Guide.