Frequently Asked Questions

Admission / Application


  • What should I enter in the "date of graduation" field in my online application, if I am still in the last semester of my bachelor studies?

    Please add your expected graduation date. Once you hand in your graduation documents, the date can still be corrected!

  • Which type of CV should I submit for my application?

    Please submit a tabular CV for application.

  • Are there specific aspects/questions I should address in my motivational letter?

    Yes, there is a MEi:CogSci letter of motivation form, which you can find on the program’s website. Please download the PDF file and fill in your personal data as well as answer the questions included in the form.

  • Do you accept new applicants for the summer semester?

    No, the application process is open only once a year from March to April; new students start in the winter semester.

  • What’s the application deadline?

    For detailed information about the application process and deadlines, please visit our Admission website.

    For general information about master’s programmes with entrance exam procedure, please see this website.

  • I have an unconventional background; I do not have a degree in cognitive science or any of the core disciplines. Can I still apply? Does it lower my chances of being admitted to the program?

    We also welcome applications of students from other disciplines. The local admission committee assesses your application and decides whether your background qualifies you for the MEi:CogSci programme. Be aware that if you have not studied cognitive science or any of the core disciplines, you might be required to complete up to 30 additional ECTS in the first two semesters.

  • What are the language requirements to be enrolled in your programme?

    To take part in our program, you need to speak English at the minimum B2 level of proficiency.

    For more information about the language requirements, please visit this website.

    You can find the information about the accepted certificates here.

  • Is my language certificate valid?

    You can find the information about the accepted certificates here.

  • When will I know if I am admitted to the programme?

    Admission notifications are sent out sometime at the end of June.

  • Do you have a waiting list?

    No, we do not have a waiting list. If you receive a letter of rejection, it’s final for this admission process. However, we encourage you to apply the following year.

Organisational & Academic Matters


  • How do I co-register at the Medical University of Vienna?

    To co-register at the Medical University of Vienna, please send us a filled-out co-registration form and your "Studienblatt"/student record sheet (you can find your Studienblatt on u:space in "Personal Matters" under "My Documents" section.). Be aware that co-registration is only possible during the (extended) admission period!

    Filling out the form, you need to indicate the course you plan to take, as well as state a reason ("not offered at the University of Vienna").

    You can find more information about the co-registration process in the Schedule of Courses section.

  • Is it possible to submit a digital version of the transcript of records for recognition of courses completed at Vienna Medical University?

    No, generally the Medical University of Vienna does not provide digital signatures so you have to submit a paper form of the transcript of records for course recognition.

    However, since Covid-19 lockdown the Medical University of Vienna issues digital versions (scans) and sends them to students. Please contact the “Studienabteilung” using your meduni-email-address.

  • Can I attend a summer school and have it accredited for my MEi:CogSci programme?

    Yes, you can get a summer school accredited as 2 ECTS credits in the Into Research II Module (if the summer school awards ECTS credits). 

    In general, it can be any summer school related to cognitive science. However, in order to get a summer school accredited as 2 ECTS it must be approved by the program coordinators. One example for a relevant summer school is the annual Interdisciplinary College.

  • Do you accept scanned Learning Contracts?

    Yes, we do accept scans of Learning Contracts, if scans are sent to us directly from your supervisor’s official email address.

  • Do Learning Contracts have to be identical for team partners, when MEi:CogSci students work on the same project together?

    If you are working on the same project and in a team, you can have identical LCs, i.e. you can consolidate your two versions. However, each one of you should specify the name and matriculation number of the team member in the LC, e.g. in the project description section and it has to be clear who is involved in which project step.

  • Can I take courses offered by other study program’s or universities?

    Yes, you can co-register at other universities and take courses offered by other study programs. However, you have to discuss your course choice with the MEi:CogSci coordinator in advance.
    Please be aware that universities in Vienna differ in their prerequisites for co-registration (e.g. some require 30 ECTS in your main study programme).

  • Which types of courses are offered by the University?

    For details on the type of courses offered, please refer to this website.

  • How do I get courses recognized?

    For details on course recognition, please have a look at the documents/forms on the following website.


    • Please fill out the form from the website and send it to the MEi:CogSci email address.

    • As an attachment in the email, please send us (or refer to in detail) our previous correspondence in which the coordinators of the programme approved your choice of courses for particular modules.

    • Please remember that the online available Transcript of Records from the Medical University of Vienna is lacking a stamp and a signature; to receive a valid Transcript of Records, contact the “Studienabteilung” of the MedUni and please ask them to send a signed and stamped version OR send the transcript directly to Otherwise we cannot accept it.

    • Please be aware that this process can take up to 8 weeks.

    • Please also be aware that grades transferred from the Medical University will appear on your Univie-transcript with the original date of the exam. Courses you did for other study programmes, which are recognized for MEi:CogSci, will be entered with the date of the recognition application.
  • What happens if I don’t graduate within 2 years?

    The University of Vienna regulations allow you to take two additional semesters (on top of the expected 4 semesters to complete your master’s program) without an increase in tuition fees. If you decide to stay enrolled for more than 6 semesters (in a master’s degree), you should expect higher tuition fees. 

    However, we strongly recommend you to take all the obligatory courses and plan to complete at least the first three semesters of our curriculum in time (due to limited numbers of participants in these courses and for mobility scholarships).

Erasmus+ / Mobility Semester


  • What document should I upload to mobility online at the end of my Erasmus stay?

    Please upload your Learning Contract. It needs to be signed by your project supervisor, the coordinator from your home university and the coordinatior from your host university.

  • Can I combine different courses for my 5 ECTS credits Electives module during the Erasmus+ semester?

    Yes, you can combine different courses for the Electives module during Erasmus+.

  • Can I go on Erasmus+ to other universities than the partners of the joint degree?

    In principle yes, but be aware that you need to earn 30 ECTS from one of our partner universities in order to obtain the joint degree.
    Beyond that, you can apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship at another university.

  • When is the deadline for deciding which partner university I choose to go to?

    The deadline for deciding which partner university you would like to go to is on December 31.  Please, check this website for updated information.

  • What happens if I don’t manage to do 30 points abroad?

    In total, you are required to do 30 ECTS  at one of the partner universities in order to complete your degree. If you cannot complete this within one semester, you should consider prolonging the stay at your host university for another semester.

  • Can I go on Erasmus+ to two partner universities?

    If Erasmus+ scholarships are available you can do two semesters abroad within the 2nd cycle (master’s).
    You can prolong your stay at the partner university.
    In exceptional cases it is possible to also visit another (partner) university for an additional semester.

  • Can I write my master’s thesis at one of the partner universities?

    Yes, it is possible to write a master’s thesis supervised by a person from a partner university.
    Be aware that you have to apply for external supervision.

MEi:CogSci Student Conference


  • Do I have to hand in a separate abstract and/or prepare a separate poster for the MEi:CogSci student conference if I am working together with another MEi:CogSci student on the same project?

    If you have different foci, you should submit separate abstracts and prepare separate posters. Otherwise, both/all should upload the joint abstract. A joint poster can be presented.

  • Is participation in the conference mandatory?

    Yes, twice! You get credits for it and it’s an obligatory part of your degree.

  • What if I’m not done with my master’s thesis before the conference?

    It depends on the status of your thesis. If you’re in the later stages, it’s ok to present the status quo and your further plan for the research. Please always consult with the person teaching your Master’s Thesis Seminar.



  • Do I still have to be enrolled to do my Defensio?

    Yes, you have to stay enrolled until you have completed all points necessary for graduation.

  • I am confused by the graduation process! How can I know I have delivered all the necessary documents?

    Follow the steps described in the Graduation and Master's Thesis section on our website and if you have any additional questions, refer to your local coordinator.

Student Life, Housing & Financials