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Which career paths do P&E graduates generally tend to follow?
Is there an ideal age profile for the pool of applicants?
Are students chosen based on prior professional experience or just suitability for the programme? For example, I don't have economics background, but I've done two master's (in Philosophy/Translation Studies) and am working as a financial translator.
Which documents can work as "proof of qualification" required for admission? Does it necessarily need to be the BA Diploma itself?
How many applications do you typically receive? How many spaces do you offer?
Would a reference letter or other factors that have not been mentioned be considered as a plus in the application process?
Are there any options for grants or scholarships for international students?
Would a "mathematics for economists" lecture count for the 15 ECTS prerequisites for economics?
Would it be possible to interrupt the programme for one semester for example to do an internship?
I hold a degree in Business and Marketing Management. Does it fit the programme?
At my university, the total credit hours required for a bachelor’s degree is less than 180, is it acceptable for admissions?
Does the P&E master qualify for a PhD in Philosophy?
Is having finished your bachelor in English enough for Proof of English B2 level?
Are there any German language requirements for entering P&E?
Is the Austrian English Matura sufficient for application?
Is there the opportunity to go abroad? (e.g., in the Erasmus-programme)
After the application process ends, when will we be notified if we have been accepted or not?
Are there any application costs? Or tuition fees?
Is the English proof of B2 required upon application? Must the English translation of documents also include the legalization and apostille?
Are there any official translators approved by the University regarding translations of degree documentation into English translations? If not, what are the requirements for a translator's work to be accepted by the University?
About the entry requirements, are the 15 ECTS in each philosophy and economics required upon application?
Is it possible to get ECTS for master’s courses done at another university? I am already doing my (possibly first of two) master´s programme in Economics.
Can I study Philosophy & Economics part-time / Is the programme compatible with working a full-time or part-time job?
Can I apply for the programme if my Bachelor's degree is not in Philosophy or Economics?
How can I provide proof of the qualitative admission requirements?
I have not finished my BA yet. How can I do the online pre-registration in U:Space?
How can I provide proof of my English proficiency?
What are the admission criteria?
I have relevant education and training, but no Bachelor's degree, is my degree/experience equivalent to a BA?
How can I finance my studies in Vienna?
Do you offer deferred entry?
Do you offer distance learning opportunities?