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Erasmus/International Exchange

As a student of the MA Philosophy and Economics, you can apply for a semester abroad within the Erasmus Framework.


The recommended semester to go abroad is the third semester, which is the most flexible that optimally integrates the exchange programme in the overall study programme.


P&E Erasmus exchanges are managed within the department of philosophy, which makes the extensive network of partner universities of the department available to you. You may choose to join the exchange programme specifically for P&E students (see below), or any exchange programme offered to all master's students in the department of philosophy. For more information, see the philosophy department's Erasmus information.


Erasmus+ exchange with Rotterdam Philosophy and Economics

The MA Philosophy and Economics also has a special arrangement with the Research Master Philosophy and Economics at the University of Rotterdam, which gives visiting students access to the entirety of their host department's course offerings in their P&E programme.


University partnership with University of Chicago

See here for details.


Non-EU exchange programme

See here for details.

Get an overview of the list of partner universities with which the University of Vienna has bilateral agreements.


Incoming students 

Other qualified visiting students, such as students whose major is Economics, can also take part in the courses offered by our programme upon request.

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